Rapid segmented experimentations and analysis across marketing funnels with a super active team at the back-end with growth mindset brings the accelerated growths. Identifying the most effective and efficient ways to get the accelerated growths is really, the Growth Hacking.

Growth Planning & Execution

Growth hacking requires proper planning of goals and strategic, timely execution. Slow & Steady result-oriented strategies have no place in this fast-paced era of the internet. We can still say that it is little different than conventional Digital marketing. While a digital marketing team only concern themselves with acquiring leads and converting them to customers, the growth hackers work on all the phases of the sales funnel, from acquiring customers to retaining them and continuously entertain them for repeat sales.

Once the preliminary analysis of traffic has completed, we create a flow chart to execute the progress milestones. Considering the current marketing plan and its resulting metrics, we tune-up or restructure the strategies to meet the objectives of growth hacking.

The process of Awareness & Acquittal are the preliminary tasks which decide the type of customers and their conversion rates. That’s why targeting only filtered traffic and monitor their behavior closely, save an ample amount of time, money and also give fewer bounce rates. Then retaining them and keeping them entertained is actually the magic of optimized content and its distribution in multiple channels. Omnipresence help, but that too calculating expected returns and investments can give marketing an edge seriously somewhere else in the fixed budgets environments.

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Our Digital Marketing Process

Our process of marketing and optimization of brand or product goes hand in hand with each other for optimal efficiency of the budget and a good returns on investments. Properly planned marketing practices with precise timing and data devised content always help in achieving good ranks in search engines, loyal followers on social media and overall positive image of the product or a brand. Timely follow-ups and integrations with ‘quick query closure systems’ give a huge satisfaction score and maintain a loyal customer base.

Basically, in services we don’t just provide Search engine optimization (SEO), Pay per click (PPC), Advertisement campaigns, Mail Marketing, Affiliate outsourced Marketing, Content analysis etc separately or bunched together labeled as Inbound marketing, but we get deep into everything and work 360 degrees in all the phases of sales funnel.

Price is never fixed for any kind of marketing or can even range closely because you never know in advance which process may give you how much traffic and which may not. A simple growth hacking planning & implementation budget could start from as low as $5000 so that even at the time of low budgets you could still cover most of the area of promotions.

Take your business on the tracks of Stable and Rapid growth prospects.

Our bespoke ‘Strategic Growth Hacking Schema & Timely implementations’ starts from $5000.

Our Process of Accelerated growth is simple

We follow a simplistic yet a precise and calculated approach to hack the growth of a brand or product



Brainstorming using metrics, researching market, User Experience testing, crunching sales support numbers and other preliminary findings to ideate a first MVP to objectify goals and process flows.



Now, prioritizing those ideas using Potential, Importance & Ease (P.I.E) or Blink, Relevance, Availability, Scalability & Score (B.R.A.S.S) methods for optimal results can save time and give you a safe bet.



Experimenting further with MVP, Designs, Time box and Qualitative results will bring out more reforming aspects. All the experiments will only improve the base product and then outline a correct flow of growth prospects.



Acting on the decided strategies implementing scrum sprinting with cross skilled teams surely bring out the best in product enhancement and its promotional scenarios. Smart and continuous work is the main aim here.



Analysis of all the outcome of strategies and experiments and systemizing the learnings with soft and hard data will provide an update on the next cycle of growth hacking. And performing the iterations will improve conversion goals.



Repeating the process minding the accumulated data of the last growth cycle, figures of ROIs, customer interaction and behavior outputs and further acquiring quality targetted traffic will help in accelerating growth manifolds.

Our ‘Growth Hacking’ program is pefectly tuned considering the growth spectrum of Startups, Universities, SAAS/PAAS companies and SME firms. We have completed 24+ Growth hacking projects successfully including Bootstraped and Well-funded companies around the world.

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