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 Pre-sales FAQs

  • What is actually the 'WordPress Maintenance'?

    Wordpress Maintenance is actually a service where we offer you timely wordpress updates, security from malwares, plugin updates, backups and much more. It is actually the menial tasks which eats up lot of your valuable time, which can be used in improving the business end and other chasing other opportunities. For a nominal fee, we give you peace of mind.

  • Why maintenance is a necessary for your WordPress website?

    Regular maintenance makes your websites well updated with the latest core file updates, features and patches against security flaws. Regular health checkup of a website keeps it faster, safer and optimized for your visitors and eventually help in getting more sales.

    Apart from this, we are providing the job hours (free of cost) with maintenance packages, so that in case you’d like to customize the theme, edit site a little or need to resolve some errors, you won’t have to go out of the way to find the right people and pay uncertain amounts. Check here for more details

  • I have 3 wordpress sites but your 'Jupiter' package will be very costly in that case. What should I do?

    Our ‘Jupiter’ maintenance package can have 3-10 websites, so generally, agencies get the best deal in this package. But if you are an individual and have more than 2 websites but not more than 5 websites, you can get the ‘Mars’ Package at $67 extra for each website/month.

  • What details or informations you need to keep ready while registering for a maintenance package?

    It is better to keep your payment details, website details and hosting/FTP details handy while registering. But you can skip the hosting details if you don’t want to share it beforehand. The details you provide remains safe and secure with us and we only use it when there is a need for it in a job with prior notification. For eg: Hosting/FTP details require for migration, or changing the core theme files or plugin files.

  • Is there any Money Return Policy?

    Sadly, No. But we do promise that you will be delighted & satisfied for your website to be taken care by us. It is a tension-free caring program for WordPress website so that you can fully focus on Business rather than distracted by menial things of errors and upgradations. Still, to test our services you can take a month first and then go to the money saver Yearly packages. We want to win you with our skills and dedication but for that, you will have to give us a chance to prove.

  • Why choose our WordPress Maintenance?

    Because we don’t just offer you updates, backups, and spam removal etc, but we offer you actual WordPress job works too, for which you usually find some capable companies or go to freelancer/guru kind of sites for cheap resolutions. We are providing all of that too in our WordPress Maintenance packages.

  • Are Woocommerce sites included in the maintenance packages?

    Yes, woo-commerce WordPress websites are welcome to but the jobs request they can raise are less compared to other, WordPress based sites. Check here for details.

  • Do you need to share your wordpress admin account details with us?

    You don’t need to share the main WordPress admin account with us but you can create another ‘Admin’ account for us for time being. Admin account gives us enough rights to edit files, plugins and does most of the stuff which other accounts doesn’t facilitate. You can, however, delete the account after the job has finished. For FTP/Hosting login details, multiple access for another user is possible in most of the modern hosting providers’ control panel dashboards. You can create a temporary one for us and share the details.

  • I have an error in my wordpress site but I dont want to buy any regular maintenance package. Can you still help me?

    Yes, we can help you and it is not necessary to buy any package to get help from our team of experts.
    You can raise your queries via the contact page any time.

  • Are there any latest offers or discounts available?

    We work in very thin profits in the WordPress Maintenance Packages, hence we don’t provide discount offers. But still, to our loyal customers, we often provide extra services at very negligible or zero prices, just to express our gratitude towards their loyalty and patience with us.

Post-sales FAQs

  • How to start requesting for jobs?

    Once you buy a package you will be sent login details to the ‘Client’s Dashboard’ where you can raise a request for your WordPress jobs. You will only be able to post the jobs for the sites for which you have bought the package. Other sites won’t be entertained. Still, you can raise a request for proposal for those websites and it will be treated as a separate project instead of registered maintenance site job.

  • Exactly what type of Hourlies and Halvsies Jobs available to request for WordPress Website?

    The hourlies and halvsies are here specified in this PDF file. Although, there are several, more than hour jobs included as well and that will be also covered in hourlies only. So if you have 1 Hourly per day, you can raise 1 request for that job per day, and that gives you 30 jobs per month, including the maintenance. Twice for Halvsies. Isn’t it cool, that you are getting maintenance and 30 hrs of job work at the only price of Maintenance?

  • How long does it take a job to get finished?

    We offer our services based on the hourly and half-hourly jobs, yet sometimes it takes a longer time in finishing certain things. There could be the unforeseen circumstances or some other issues delaying it. We anyways keep you posted via our ‘Client’s Service Dashboard’ and try to resolve everything around it.

  • What is free CDN & SSL?

    Free CDN in maintenance package means we will install free CDN service on your WordPress site. Free CDN providers like Cloudflare, Incapsula or even Amazon CloudFront etc. It will speed up your website and help you get rankings in search engines.
    Free SSL means we will provide you with a single domain, non-wildcard, 256bit encrypted SSL valid for a year. This option can be only once a year. The installation is also available with us but you will have to raise a job request via Client Panel for us to install it on your site.

  • Does the job requests get canceled? If yes, do I lose my credits?

    Yes, sometimes we cancel the jobs with improper information, out of scope jobs, undiscussed details jobs and other related things which may create a problem in finishing the job. But we notify each and every step using our client portal and state different conditions. Our priority is to close the jobs as soon as possible with utmost quality. And for canceled jobs, we usually don’t cut credits and if we do, it will be well discussed and mutual.

  • How long does it take to request a jobwork on registered site after buying a Maintenance package?

    The payments are instant and thereafter it takes hardly a couple of hours to get the login details generated and sent to you via email during working days. After that, you can raise requests in Client’s Dashboard related to registered WordPress sites.

  • What if my previous job is still incomplete, then can I raise a new request?

    YES. The delay is not your fault, so as long as you have credits, you can raise the request for new jobs. Also, the old job you asked us to finish could take more time based on the issue, circumstances or any other unforeseeable problems, but that shouldn’t stop you from posting more. Afterall that’s what you paid for, isn’t it?

  • Do I need to request jobs everyday?

    Generally our clients post atleast 10 jobs a month. But it doesnt really matter. If you have credits, you can request your jobs.

  • What is Staging/Development area & where will it be?

    Staging area or a development area is a place where we upload your site for editing and changes so that the live production site doesn’t get disturbed and after the editings done and approved, we push it to the live production server. It can be raised against the request raised via Client Dashboard panel and we shut it down as soon as the work has finished and the site moved to the production server.

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